Anatomical Design EP

by Logic Defies Logic

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Logic Defies Logic's debut EP 'Anatomical Design' was recorded in one day as a live instrumental session at The Porch Studios in Hamilton, NZ on May 20th 2013. After the band relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2014, they recruited TK on vocals to complete their current lineup and perform on their debut release.


released December 1, 2014

All music written and recorded by Logic Defies Logic
Engineered by Regan McKinnon & Anthony McMaster @ 'The Porch' NZ
Vocal Engineered by Ollie Wright @ 'Backline Studios' Melbourne
All songs mixed and mastered by Ollie Wright
'Anatomical Design' produced by Ollie Wright
Artwork by Guy Moskon @ The Moskon Review



all rights reserved


Logic Defies Logic Melbourne, Australia

Dizzying madcap metal, washed down with prog, funk, and all things glorious! Dare you taste it? Musical alchemy. Magic and Science combined. Logic Defies Logic

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Track Name: Broadcast

Saints and leeches
And all the rest
Is it not the perfect time
To put love to the test?
Oh lets gather round
And lay it down”

Oh say can you feel it,
A crumbling
Of life as we once knew it
When all we had was
Time and allowance
A reckoning
“We didn’t see it coming”
That’s a lie

The truth is you don’t care, you don’t care
About the outside
I said you don’t care, you don’t care
You’ve got your kingdom
I know that you don’t care

Liars, spineless, kindness has
Never taken hold
Why this, mindless, violence is an
Answer at all?
Fighters, preachers, haters
Send them to the wall
Lovers, leaders, teachers
Rise above it all
And save us

You don’t care, you don’t care
About the outside
I said now you don’t care, you don’t care
You’ve got your kingdom
I know that you don’t care, you don’t care

“Now I know y’all been hurt (Broadcast love)
And the stakes are way up high
But if we all had the same inclination
To come together, tie the bind
I'm not preaching revolution
I'm not asking for a sign
I'm not looking for salvation
I'm just asking you to try
Track Name: Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap

Feel the crushing weight
And the overwhelming sense that
Something here is not quite right
Neither love or hate
Just a place on middle ground
Fight or flight
There is a cool breeze
But sulphur taints the air
There is a soft sound
But it’s in the wrong key

Take me back when
Men were Gods and children
Played with simple toys and
All we had was time and space
And now we find we have no choice

Say you wanna save
Everything we’ve made
But we are all to blame

We pray to one and the same
But we got different names
Oh why can’t you see?

No more screens instead of faces
How did we become so blind?
No more apathetic half-smiles
When did we stop caring about life
Track Name: The Void
The Void

My heart
Is blank
And waits
For color
It writhes
And shakes
It craves

There is a void
I’ve tried to fill
With everything from women to wine
(And all of the things that can come between)
I see it grow
And open wider
Into something I cant control
(Or maybe I don’t want to)

I am an animal
Until I am released

I can feel the moment coming
I can’t lick this craving clean
It churns inside just like a whisper
And comes out like a scream

There's no control
I’ll feed the hole

When this feeling gets inside me
I become more dog than man
I blindly chew my way to fever
Then slowly turn to sand

There's no control
I’ll eat you whole

If you keep on chasing little deaths
A big life may pass you by

I am an animal
Until I am released